City Council Approves Ozone Park Rezoning

Ozone Park’s zoning has officially been changed, which will allow new types of businesses to open in the neighborhood.

The rezoning, passed by the City Council on Dec. 10, will change about 530 blocks in Ozone Park to reflect the neighborhood’s current building patterns and allow for new development.

The rezoning is the second largest that has taken place in Queens and it is the first time Ozone Park has been rezoned since 1961. It encompasses most of Councilman Eric Ulrich’s (R-Ozone Park) district as well as a small part of Councilman Ruben Wills (D-Jamaica) district.

The rezoning is bounded by Rockaway Boulevard, Atlantic Avenue and 101st Avenue to the north; the Van Wyck Expressway and Lefferts Boulevard to the east; the Belt Parkway to the south; and the Brooklyn borough line to the west.

It will change the zoning of a few major corridors within Ozone Park, including Liberty and 101 Avenues and Rockaway Boulevard.

Ulrich said the rezoning will greatly benefit the Ozone Park community in the long-term.

“The new zoning enacted into law today will protect Ozone Park from overdevelopment and help create a more livable neighborhood. It will also spur new modest development, especially in the commercial districts, thereby creating jobs and increasing property values,” he said.