CB9 District Manager Complains Of Harassment From Chairman

Staff Writer

After being quiet for the last few months, conflict could be brewing within Community Board 9 once again.

District Manager Mary Ann Carey said the board’s chairman, Jim Coccovillo, has been verbally harassing her and other office staff at CB9 and filed a complaint against Coccovillo.

“We feel threatened, our jobs feel threatened and it’s getting to the point where it’s really a problem,” Carey said.

Carey did not go into the specifics of the harassment during her speech or when the Tribune inquired about it after the meeting, but she did say the chairman recently failed her on an evaluation of her job performance. Carey added that she has filed a letter of complaint to her union representative as well as the union representing her office staff.

Coccovillo was not present at Tuesday’s meeting due to a medical issue, according to board member Ivan Mrakovcic, who ran the meeting in his place.

Mrakovcic told Carey to keep personal CB9 matters, like what she announced during her report, out of the public eye so as to not cause the hoopla that surrounded the board late last year.

When reached by telephone, Coccovillo said it is the first time he has heard about any harassment complaint against him and no representatives from the union have reached out to him regarding the matter. He added that a conflict like this should be dealt with privately.

“Why this is becoming community business is beyond me,” he said. “She’s not following, in my eyes, proper business etiquette. As far as I’m concerned, I have a great rapport with the people in the office.”

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