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  1. Mi ley

    Hang on in there Ann Darby. Thank you for serving your community for over 30 years. We appreciate that you are looking out for the many local residents who may not have the time, or lack command of the English language to serve on the board.

    The Bike lane lobby is a strong one, because alot of money is a stake. They are out to get you because of your opposition to the bike lanes. I’m not surprised that the bike lane advocate (J Restrepo, Dromm, and other pols) took your comments –twist and take it out of context — then allow the media to blow it out of portion. They should stop bullying you. I too question why the City continues to take away much needed car lanes and replacing them with bike lanes that less than 1 % of the population, and just 1/2% of the locals use. It’s a project that again just benefits the 1%ers while the other 99% sit in traffic.

    It is irresponsible for the City to waste scarce resources like this. Money that can be used for other much needed projects, such as homes for the homeless, fixing the roads, finishing building the water tunnel, etc etc etc…. Using the bike lane space as bus lanes and emergency vehicle lanes, and allowing the traffic to flow again.

    I’m glad the Queens Tribune had the guts to print your side of the story.

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