CB 9 and 10 Approve Ozone Park Rezoning

Staff Writer

The proposed Ozone Park rezoning was given a seal of approval from two community boards last week, as Community Boards 9 and 10 both voted for the measure.

The proposal would change the zoning for residential and business properties of 530 blocks in Ozone Park to  promote new types of businesses to open in the area, like on Liberty and 101st Avenues and Rockaway Boulevard,
while still maintaining its current character in residential neighborhoods like South Ozone Park and Tudor Village.

The rezoning is split between the two Community Boards that cover Ozone Park, about 318 blocks in CB 10 and
approximately 212 blocks within CB 9’s region, and it has not been updated since 1961.

Thomas Smith, a Dept. of City Planning representative who gave a presentation on the proposal to both community
boards before they voted, said the problem with the current zoning is that it does not differentiate between
commercial areas and the residential streets that many people live on and the rezoning aims to keep commercial
businesses from opening in residential areas.

“So you can see the same type of development happening on Liberty Avenue as you could on the residential side
streets next to it,” he said.

Smith also said the increase of the foreign-born population in Ozone Park was another factor in rezoning the

Councilman Eric Ulrich (R-Ozone Park) praised the DCP for making the neighborhood a priority when it came to
rezoning and it will have a positive impact on Ozone Park’s future.

“This is our way to finally protect the residential character and integrity of our community, while also allowing for the
strengthening of commercial areas and stimulating economic development,” he said.

A DCP spokesperson said the rezoning still needs to be approved by the Queens Borough President, the City Planning Commission and the City Council before it goes into effect.

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