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Musicians of Queens: The Boom Section

Musicians of Queens: The Boom Section

All it takes is one minute of listening to The Boom Section’s “I Fly High” to get why that name describes their sound perfectly. With a hard-edged guitar sound, a driving and tight rhythm section and passionate, belting vocals, this four-piece brings an explosion of energy that will get hearts racing, feet moving and fists […]

The Mayor And The IDC

Back in January, much was reported about a possible rift between Queens County Democrats and the Mayor during Speaker and committee negotiations. Has the Mayor drawn another line in the sand? On Tuesday, Bill de Blasio threw his support behind  Independent Democratic Conference members State Sens. Tony Avella and Jeff Klein in their reelection bids. […]

An ‘Amazing’ Coincidence?

It turns out that there is a Parker family living at 20 Ingram Street both in the comicsand real life. In the well-known comic book series, Peter Parker, or Spider Man in his super hero persona, lives on the Forest Hills street with his Aunt May. In what is a prime example of life imitating […]

Nobody’s Home At 5Pointz

The FDNY is knocking but nobody’s home. Long Island City’s former 5Pointz building, a 200,000 square foot factory structure once known as a “graffiti Mecca,” is currently scheduled for demolition so that residential towers can go up in its space. The whitewashing of the building last year caused an uproar from the artists who frequently […]

Don’t Annoy The Judge

Growing up as a child, nothing can be more frustrating than when your siblings get in trouble and they tell your parents that you did the same thing. No parent falls for that, nor does it get the original perpetrator out of the original crime. White Plains Federal Judge Kenneth Karas did not fall for […]

Poets of Queens: Angy Rivera

Poets of Queens: Angy Rivera

Angy Rivera (right) with her mother, Maria Yolanda Rivera There are many outlets available to deal with issues going on in one’s life. Angy Rivera, a Flushing resident, gets through her life experiences by turning them into poetry. The writing form allows her to speak her mind more freely than she can in other mediums. […]

World Cup Fever

States and Germany World Cup match last week, Head Coach Jurgen Klinsmann wrote up a mock excuse note for employees to give to their managers to take the day off. The majority of us nine-to-fivers laughed it off and wished our boss would accept an excuse like that. But, a couple of offices jumped on […]

Mets Doc Needs Funding

The 1986 World Series Champion New York Mets could be coming to the big screen with your help. Heather Quinlan, a long time Mets fan, has started a Kickstarter campaign to fund a movie about the 1986 New York Mets run to its World Series championship. That year’s team featured a cast of characters, including […]

We Know How To Tip

If you’ve been ordering takeout here in the Borough, chances are you’ve got some good karma coming your way. According to data compiled by the online food delivery site GrubHub, Queens eaters are among the best delivery tippers in the City – especially generous neighborhoods include Sunnyside (ranking fourth in the City), Flushing (ranking eighth) […]

Musicians Of Queens: Christopher Paul

Musicians Of Queens: Christopher Paul

While music played a big role in Christopher Paul’s youth, he did not start in rock music. Growing up as a classical pianist, Paul made the transition in high school to pop-punk. With a deep-seated love of karaoke as well, Paul had everything he needed to start a music career. “It was only a matter […]