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Musicians Of Queens: Tati Ana

Musicians Of Queens: Tati Ana

Tati Ana’s music is full of spine-tingling moments. From the dark, electronic atmospherics she conjures up to her ghostly wail, made even more evocative when echoed with itself, the Astoria musician has something that many others look for: an original voice. Although her music is electronic, Tatiana Kochkareva is influenced by jazz and rock music. […]

Northeast Queens Face-off

A former Northeast Queens City Council candidate stuck his head in to an event that had nothing to do with what he complained about. Joe Concannon crashed U.S. Rep. Steve Israel’s Small Business bill tour last week in Glen Oaks. The Congressman was touring the area to announce a bill that would let businesses with […]

Just Call Him AARP Daddy

At this month’s Community Board 12 meeting, City Comptroller Scott Stringer may have shared a little too much with his constituents. While discussing issues important to seniors, Stringer reassured those in attendance that he has the energy for the job by insinuating he has still the energy for something else… “I am 53 years old […]

Inner Circle Gets Out

When the Inner Circle gets together, interesting things end up happening. Like what, you may ask? How about Mayor Bill de Blasio rockin’ an afro, much like his son Dante‘s famous ‘do? The Inner Circle Show, an annual charity variety show in which City Hall press corps roasts the present Mayor, was in full gear […]

Musicians Of Queens: Side Saddle

Musicians Of Queens: Side Saddle

Ian McGuiness records his music under the name Side Saddle, initially a side project he started from his band This Old Ghost. The folk singer/songwriter lived and worked on a farm while writing his upcoming EP, so the name fit its creation well. Side Saddle’s music also follows this narrative of working on a farm, […]

Judge To Trump: ‘You’re Fired!’

Queens’ favorite businessman got a little of his own sass thrown back in his face during a trial down in Florida earlier this month. According to a report published in the Sun-Sentinel newspaper last week, Donald Trump was brought in as a  witness in a lawsuit over a land deal that went sour in Fort […]

Separated At Birth

While QConf reporter Joe Marvilli and Paul Graziano take the cake as far as doppelgangers in Queens are concerned, there looks to be another pair that could challenge them for that coveted title. The resemblance between Assemblyman Mike Miller and deceased WWE manager Paul Bearer is uncanny. Both usually wear an all-black suit flanked by […]

Queens Needs A Little Love

We can’t deny our love for the Borough of Queens, but what happens when it’s constantly being slammed for its faults? So what if the five of the nine worst maintained highways in New York City belong to Queens? The Center for an Urban Future’s report also shows that nine percent of the Borough’s bridges […]

Ulrich vs. Richards

Things got a little heated between two Queens Councilmen last week. While celebrating the opening of a new YMCA in Far Rockaway, a neighborhood encompassed in both their districts, Councilman Eric Ulrich challenged Councilman Donovan Richards to a one-on-one basketball game. Although it is unclear whether Ulrich was actually serious or not, we here at […]

Musicians Of Queens: Jon Christopher

Musicians Of Queens: Jon Christopher

Jon Christopher’s songs have a pulse to them that make you want to move. He does not write dance music, but his work definitely has a groove. It should come as no surprise then that the first instrument he picked up was not a guitar, but the drums. Although Christopher started banging on a kit […]