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New Future For Education Needed

Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott may have made his last official visit to Queens schools this week, as we wait to find out who Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio will appoint as his chief education official. It was good to see a Queens native lead the Dept. of Education over the last two-and-a-half years, but we wish […]

A Time To Think of Others

Last week, we celebrated Thanksgiving and the start of Hanukkah, holidays that are marked by families coming together, usually with a great deal of food. As we continue with this holiday season, with Christmas and Kwanzaa just around the corner, the recent report that one in 10 Queens residents are not sure where they will […]

Another Call To Save A Landmark

We’ve written a lot in the past about how the City has left Queens to rot when it comes to parkland, to its historic structures and to its symbols, and it seems as though we will have ample opportunity to continue. Next year marks the 50th anniversary of the 1964 World’s Fair in Flushing Meadows […]

Our Choice For A Strong Speaker

Over the last few weeks, various candidates looking to be the new City Council Speaker have participated in forums, giving the public an idea of where they stand on a number of issues. The discussions are healthy and we commend these Councilmembers for participating, opening up a process that is usually closed to the public. […]

Think Of The Children

Too often, reports come out of a fatal accident involving an out-of-control automobile striking a pedestrian. Even more heart-wrenching is when that pedestrian is a child or teenager struck down well before their time. As is the case with a number of issues, the City is frequently reactive when it comes to combating pedestrian deaths, […]

A Time To Lead

Bill de Blasio and Melinda Katz will surely have their hands full as they acclimate to their new positions and meet the expectations for change they have set over the course of their campaigns. We wish them the best in their efforts, because the better they do in their new roles, the better we will […]

Queens Tribune Endorsements

Mayor For all of his accomplishments, Mayor Michael Bloomberg leaves this City facing a number of challenges that he created over three terms. While Bloomberg seemed to listen to no one save himself, the next Mayor should have open lines of communication in order to rectify any number of issues. Discussions about the future of […]

Looking Back On Sandy

Just about a year ago, Superstorm Sandy slammed the City, causing millions of dollars in damage and countless problems for an unprepared infrastructure. Twelve months later, despite discussions and plans, we are no closer to being prepared for a strong storm than we were before Sandy hit our shores. Yes, we have identified problem areas […]

Time To Come Together

President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act has become one of the country’s most divisive issues, shutting down the Federal government over the last three weeks and leading to a potential fiscal crisis not seen since the Great Depression. The particulars of the law have been debated from the halls of Congress to the Supreme Court […]

Deal Not Ideal

Development of the Iron Triangle has been promised to the people of Queens for years. The City Council approved a plan in 2008 that was slowly changed and became unrecognizable to many who originally agreed to it. So you’ll excuse us if we remain skeptical about the plan approved by the City Council on Wednesday, […]