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Remembering Ira

To The Editor: I was very saddened to hear of the passing of the Tribune’s premier photographer Ira Cohen. The Greater Woodhaven Development Corporation was so fortunate, for he attended all of our Spring Dinner Dances and our “Wonderful Woodhaven Street Festivals,” taking unbelievable pictures for your newspaper. At our dinner dance on June 1, […]

Catholic Schools Week

To The Editor: National Catholic School week is being celebrated from Sunday Jan. 26 through Feb. 1 all across the country. The theme this year is “Catholic Schools: Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service.” I would like to say that I applaud what Catholic Schools do for the youth of our country. These schools produce students strongly dedicated […]

District Manager Should Stay

To The Editor: Recent articles have described the ill-treatment of Mary Ann Carey, District Manager for Community Board 9. She has given many years of dedicated service to the community. Great numbers of community members have benefited from her leadership. Despite her effectiveness, she is obviously being forced out of her position. When our community […]

Charter School Challenges

To The Editor: The Independent Budget Office revealed recently that 80 percent of special-needs kindergartners in New York City’s charter schools leave those schools before they reach third grade. Why? Because the charter schools throw them out. Those publicly-funded private schools don’t want to take a chance with data that might make their businesses a […]

OP-ED: Property Tax Assistance Available For Homeowners

BY ASSEMBLYWOMAN NILY ROZIC For too many New Yorkers, the economic recovery is an abstraction. Even with recent declarations that the great recession is long gone, I find that Queens homeowners are facing many financial hardships. Property taxes remain a huge burden for many families. We must support all struggling to support their families as […]

The Hypocrisy of Denouncing Inequality

To The Editor: During every election cycle our leaders conjure up conditions they claim are ruining our republic and can only be rectified with more laws, regulations, fees and taxes. According to the progressive establishment, the most serious threat to our society at the moment is “inequality.” It is common knowledge that humans are not […]

An Inauspicious Beginning

To The Editor: The people are best served when government operates with checks and balances. Mayor Bill de Blasio’s engineering the designation of Melissa Mark-Viverito as Speaker of the City Council tarnishes his reputation as a liberal and is an inauspicious beginning of his Mayoralty (“Mark-Viverito Named New Speaker,” Jan. 9-15, 2014).  Nor does it say […]

A Take On Christie’s Bridgegate

To The Editor: Well, there it is, plain as day. The difference between a president like Obama who tries to work with Republicans while they spit in his face. And a Republican presidential wannabe who punishes the people that don’t vote for him. Hey Chris Christie, see that puff of smoke in the distance? It’s […]

Melinda Katz Is Good For LeFrak

To The Editor: I was fortunate to attend this event last night with some friends to welcome Ms. Katz as our new Borough President. When she was accepting her oath, I thought to myself, “Now, the LeFrak City vicinity has a chance!” There are at least two pressing matters that we have in our vicinity: […]

Information Necessary

To The Editor: The Freedom of Information Law is an instrument of democracy and sometimes, therefore, a pain in the ass. And that’s the way it should be. Whether or not it is exercised in a particular situation depends on whose ass may be gored by public disclosure. The Department of Education availed itself of […]