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Changing Qualifications

To The Editor: Chancellor Carmen Fariña is requiring school superintendents to re-apply for their jobs. She is also setting a minimum of seven years as an educator as a qualification and reinstating the former stipulation that superintendents be mature adults. Currently, many of the division heads and policy-making executives at the Dept. of Education only […]

Tackling The Dangers Of Immigration Takes Two

BY NATHALIE CELY President Barack Obama recently requested $3.7 billion in emergency funding from Congress to address the influx of unaccompanied migrant children entering the United States. While the financial request aims to increase spending on border patrol agents, immigration judges, and new detention facilities, it does not target the root cause of the problem […]

Goodbye Driveable Flushing

To The Editor: There was a goundbreaking ceremony at the Flushing Commons site that is replacing Parking Lot Number 1 last week. Many think this new behemoth project is good for Flushing, others are skeptical or are against it all together.  Mayor Bloomberg and developers pushed hard for the project with building renditions of grandeur […]

Progress Is Progress

To The Editor: I dread the upcoming 2014 mid-term election should it reflect the disastrous 2010 election, which voted into power the “Do-nothing Congress” of the Regressive Party, setting our country back in time. This was all due to those overconfident no-show Democrats. Shame on them sitting on their lazy butts. However, let us look forward […]

Open Closed Polling Places

To The Editor: NYC’s Board of Elections cited a low voter turnout for the June primary and a  declining participation rate over the last few years. There’s a good reason why. The BOE closed a number of polling sites because they were deemed inaccessible to handicapped voters under the Americans With Disabilities Act. Sending absentee […]

Rest In Peace Phil Ragusa

To The Editor: I have just read the news with much sadness of the passing of Queens Republican Party Chairman Phil Ragusa. I have met him on many occasions during a number of political campaigns I was involved with. These were at former Mayor Bloomberg’s campaign kickoff in Queens, former Senator Frank Padavan’s campaigns and […]

Be Careful With Fireworks

To The Editor: The Fourth of July brings celebration, relaxing time spent with family and friends, barbecues and beautiful firework displays done by professionals with the fire departments supervising the safety aspect. Unfortunately, this holiday can bring tragedy when firecrackers are used by individuals. On June 27, 1978, I had open heart surgery for a […]

A Good Step For Colleges

To The Editor: Thank you, Ed Braunstein. For some time, a dirty little secret, not touted on the glossy college recruiting brochures, a fact has been emerging that the glamorous, exciting, academic and fun-filled world of many of our colleges has been the danger and criminal acts of violence against our young women on and […]

Different Side Of Gun Stats

To The Editor: If something affects 0.0000017 percent of the population, is it worth making laws that will seriously affect the remainder of that population? There are 300,000.000,000 guns in the United States. About 50 or 0.000001 percent of our guns were used to create massive crimes in the last five years. If something affects […]