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A ‘Misguided’ Progressive Policy

To The Editor: Regarding New York City Councilman Daniel Dromm saying that people opposed to homosexual marriage are not welcome in the Big Apple: In a way, weren’t we here a couple thousand years ago? The ancient and primitive Greeks and Romans crassly valued homosexual relations. But eventually the people wised up and realized that […]

Silent Homecoming

To The Editor: Re: the ticker-tape parade for veterans that Sen. Chuck Schumer and Mayor de Blasio envision. I am a Korean War veteran who served in combat as a medic. We lost thousands and thousands more were wounded in the defense of that country. There are service members to this day that are still […]

No Money Until Galante’s Gone

To the Editor: Three cheers for the two opinions, “What is considered American?” and especially “Workers Deserve Fairness.” As to Queens Library Needs Support  (In Our Opinion),  I take umbrage at the third paragraph:  “Regardless of the troubles the Queens Library has faced in recent weeks….”. I will not make any more contributions until the present […]

The Devolving State Of America

To The Editor: Ed Konecnik either is unaware or chooses to ignore what’s going on in America. Our nation’s problems were caused by Wall Street and big corps, not as he suggests, the “overbearing government.” The gov’t haters have no compunction using gov’t when they need to – Ayn Rand took welfare when she was dying […]

What Is Considered American?

To The Editor: There is a movement gaining momentum because of frustration over an intrusive overbearing federal government and its obsession with multiculturalism. It is called secession and there are movements to secede from the United States in Texas, Colorado, Maryland, northern California, Washington State and Oregon. This trend should prompt us to think about […]

Workers Deserve Fairness

To The Editor: An epidemic of apathy, perhaps complicated by cowardice, is wasting us like a flesh-eating disease. Two-hundred-fifty UPS personnel in Queens were recently fired almost on the spot after they took a few minutes off to protest the insensitive termination of a colleague. Assuming this action was a contractual violation, there no doubt […]

World’s Fairs Too Costly

To The Editor: World’s Fairs generally end up costing the tax payers of the host city tens of millions of dollars. Financially they are a bad investment. With due respect, if John Catsimatidis and other millionaires wish to underwrite a World’s Fair without taxpayer money, one would have no objection, provided it is understood its […]

Typical Situation?

To The Editor: UPS fires 250 workers yet CEO Scott Davis makes $11.5 million. They say these workers were terminated because they put children who need insulin at risk. Yet firing 250 employees and increasing the work load of the remaining employees makes sense to them somehow? This is the GOP template in a nutshell. […]

OP-ED: Queens Schools Need More Arts Education Funding

BY COMPTROLLER SCOTT STRINGER Our City is getting a failing grade when it comes to Arts Education. My office just released a first-of-its-kind report, “State of the Arts,” showing that, after years of crippling cuts in Queens and other communities, 20 percent of our middle and high schools across New York City do not have […]

Avoiding The Subject?

To The Editor: This letter is in response to the article “Northeast Queens Face-off” (Queens Tribune – March 27-April 2) on my message to Congressman Steve Israel on his small business tour. I want to thank Congressman Steve Israel for the headline and his quick comeback. But regrettably he’s missing the main point. While his legislation is […]