Breaking News: Dante Shovels

It’s as if the world was on hold until Dante de Blasio woke up Friday morning to shovel the snow in front of the family’s Park Slope home.

danteSchools were closed, thanks to his father, Mayor Bill de Blasio, and newly appointed Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina, so what does Dante have to do? The Mayor joked at a press conference in Woodside Friday morning that his son was lobbying him to close schools on Friday, but that doesn’t mean it was no work and all play for the City’s First Son.

The new Mayor made it clear that his son was to finish what his father started, clearing the snow from the sidewalk in front of their home, and to continue to do so as the snow piled on.

His minute-by-minute morning routine was recounted on various news channels, as Dante made his way to the front of his house. Several news outlets even took a break from “real” news to show their idea of “breaking news”- and yes, their breaking news consisted of Dante shoveling the snow live.

We here at Qconf believe some of these news channels might need to redefine what they call “Breaking News.”