BP Approves Tearing Down 5Pointz

By Trisha Sakhuja

Staff Writer

Queens Borough President Helen Marshall approved David Wolkoff’s plan to build two high-rise apartment complexes in accordance with Community Board 2’s recommendations on July 16.

The two high-rise apartment buildings would replace the current graffiti-covered warehouse, known as 5Pointz, located at 45-46 Davis St. Long Island City.

As the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure continues, a public hearing was held in the Borough President’s office on June 27 that reviewed G&M Realty L.P.’s request for a zoning change that would allow the builder to construct 1,000 residential units in two towers, one 41 stories and the other 47 stories.

In conjunction with a provision allotted by the Borough President, at least 20,000 sq. ft. of public open space and a 250 car parking garage will be included in the design.

The approval also includes more than 25,000-square-feet of commercial space and ground floor retail space, along with more than 30,000-square-feet of private landscape that will be accessible for public use.

CB2 disapproved the project in June because there was no guarantee of affordable housing units and the project was deemed too large and out of character for the neighborhood.

Less than a week after CB2 voted down Wolkoff’s plans to tear down the graffiti Mecca, Joseph Conley, chairperson of CB 2 and Wolkoff collaborated on community recommendations for the development proposal.

“Going forward, the community will be happy with what we have developed,” Wolkoff added.

The collaborated efforts include 75 affordable housing units with preference to CB2 residents, 12,000-square-feet of space for artist studios and a working partnership with a local art institution, PS1 Sculpture Studio, to manage the display of art.

Conley said he is content with the approval and “even though some people will be upset going forward with the project, Wolkoff has a right to move forward.”

The City Planning Commission held a public hearing on June 24 and will make their vote late August.

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