Blame Both Sides

To The Editor:

In the Oct. 3-9 issue, there was a letter from Tyler Cassell relaying his experiences of receiving emails mocking President Obama and Democrats, and his claims of having left speechless acquaintances when defending policies of this administration.

Tyler, I have news for you.   I’ve had the same experiences.

There are readers, such as yourself, who write letters to this fine newspaper. Week after week, the same writers use that as a forum to endlessly knock Republicans, the Tea Party, conservatives, and their policies.

I, too, get emails ridiculing and mocking Republicans, Joe Lhota, the Tea Party, and their opposition to Obamacare. I will remind you that Obamacare remains unpopular even among many Democrats. My employer has told me that once implemented it will cost him dearly, and he may very likely have to let workers go. More unemployment, more dissatisfaction. Alas, the program is not the silver bullet the Democrats, liberals, Bill Maher, many one-sided news networks and Nancy Pelosi have made it out to be. I’ve tried to discuss this with some of my more left-wing friends, but they refused to listen.

As for those who you disagree with being unable to answer, I have had the same response. I ask Democrats why I can’t be allowed guns to defend myself and family, but it is perfectly alright for politicians, the Hollywood elite and certain left-wingers to own them. They can’t answer me.

Notwithstanding the present government shutdown, both parties are to blame, as well as their supporters. Alas, Tyler, it works both ways.

Edward Riecks,
Howard Beach