Badminton Booming At College Point Court

Staff Writer

If you head over to 119th Street in College Point, you would find what looks like the offices and warehouses of the JAD Corporation. However, behind one of these doors lie not boxes, machines or equipment. Instead, you will find the College Point Badminton Court.

The court, found at 20-24 119th St., came into existence due to the interest of JAD CEO and president Joseph Dussich, an empty warehouse with the right dimensions and a growing fan base in Queens for the sport.

College Point Badminton Court has been open for four years. In that time, it has added more than 1,000 members, according to one of the owners, Kevin Ng. He attributed this success to the organization’s three tournaments each year, their open courts available for rental and badminton’s growing influence among the Asian population.

“We have members from New Jersey, from Connecticut. We even have people from Virginia, because of our reputation,” Ng said. “Right now, in America, new immigrants from the Asian countries really love this sport and we try to promote it.”

Dussich had an open warehouse that was not in use as part of JAD’s manufacturing. While visiting San Francisco, he became intrigued by a badminton court with which one of his friends was involved. He said he also felt the popularity of the sport was booming in the Asian community, partially due to China winning the Gold Medal in badminton in the 2008 and 2012 Olympics.

The biggest challenge when trying to create a badminton court is having a space big enough in height and width with no obstructions, like columns, in the middle. Luckily for Dussich, his available warehouse fit federation regulations.

“I contacted an Asian real estate agency, told them I had a building available that would be perfect for badminton,” he said. “I spoke with the owners of the business and I liked what they had to say. They were community-minded. I’m very community-minded.”

With many kids in College Point and Flushing just a bus ride away, the court’s success has been good not only for business, but for the surrounding neighborhoods as well.

“It’s a great community activity,” Dussich said. “It keeps you in good shape, keeps you off the streets and it’s very competitive.”

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