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  1. Madeline Lovallo

    I was also at the meeting in Woodhaven and I am so happy to see everyone against S.B.S. My friend made hundreds of flyers and I gave them out to all the businesses in Howard Beach and some along Woodhaven Blvd. this past summer. Most of the Howard Beach store owners had no Idea about S.B.S. I feel S.B.S. Is the worst idea for our whole community. As everyone stated, it would never work. I wrote emails saying everything that was said at the meeting.
    There is one point that was not brought up. I was in Brooklyn on Nostrand Ave. a few days ago. I saw theS.B.S. Lane there on Nostrand Ave. Nostrand Ave only has two lanes. The reason it may not be that bad over there is because there are so many other Avenues that run parallel to Nostrand Ave. A person can drive on Ocean Ave., Coney Island Ave., Flatbush or Bedford Ave. and other avenues that I am not mentioning and still end up at Sheepshead Bay or Coney Island where the avenues end. Here in South Queens we have no other parallel lane for Woodhaven and Cross blvd. certainly not Broad Channel and I don’t think in Rockaway either. How can they take our one and only corridor and want to jam it up so no one can go anywhere. All the stores in Howard Beach and along Woodhaven Blvd. would have to get their deliveries in the second lane and that would take away another lane.
    We had an S.B.S. Meeting at St. Helen,s Church this past spring. Not much was accomplished but everyone there was against S.B.S. Also. We should have our next meeting there because there is plenty of parking and the auditorium is very big.

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