Avoiding The Subject?

To The Editor:

This letter is in response to the article “Northeast Queens Face-off” (Queens Tribune – March 27-April 2) on my message to Congressman Steve Israel on his small business tour.

I want to thank Congressman Steve Israel for the headline and his quick comeback. But regrettably he’s missing the main point.

While his legislation is helpful, it’s like bailing out the ocean with a thimble, since small businesses have been hit especially hard by the financial crisis. The elephant in the room is the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, an issue which Congressman Israel avoids like the plague. I tried to bring it up when I called it “the biggest job killer in America” in order to shed light on the crippling federal legislation and mandates that are hurting small businesses the most.

Only 33 percent of voters believe Israel deserves reelection, and 52 percent disapprove of President Obama’s performance. There is good reason why Israel refuses to defend President Obama’s policies and discuss Obamacare.

Joseph Concannon,