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  1. Art Shifrin

    State Senator Avella’s concern about water rates is admirable. invite you to visit our home to inspect & possibly report on the approximately 700 gallon rain collecting and pumping system that I designed and installed on our property. One of its purposes is to LEGALLY SCREW the NYC Water Board out of extorted revenue. The other
    is non injurious ecological consumption. With the exception of the easily used, light, small & portable
    electric pump (purchased from North Shore Plumbing), all of the components were provided to by the great
    Keil Brothers (now integrated into Garden World @ Francis Lewis Blvd).

    Also, that the bagmen of the Water Board inflate the bills with sewer fees that are proportional to consumption is utter FRAUD. City water used to take care of lawns & gardens obviously does not enter the sewer system. That some billing offset is not made is outrageous. But of course, it’s NOT surprising.

    This invitation is extended to staff of The Queens Tribune and any other concerned people who have made appointments to meet me.

    This IS NOT an ulterior scheme for me to sell ANY services: just to share information.

    Best Regards,
    Art Shifrin

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