Artists Of Queens: More Than Fate

More Than Fate

The name More Than Fate comes from the hard rock band’s message of self-awareness and empowerment, believing in the idea that a person makes his or her own destiny. With their aggressive guitars, pummeling drums and arena-ready choruses, this is a group that fully embodies the message it delivers.

The Astoria-based band’s members are vocalist Eddie Slate, drummer Phil Lherisson, lead guitarist Carlos Casados and bass guitarist Jack McLeod. Lherisson and Slate met and started playing music together back in 2003, forming the band Ampithy. Although the band broke up in 2005, the two musicians kept in touch over years.

Fast-forwarding to 2011, Slate responded to a Craigslist ad that Casados put up, looking for a singer. Casados and McLeod had been playing together with a different drummer at the time. Slate joined and Lherisson came in to replace the departing drummer they were playing with. When the lineup was settled, there was an immediate connection.

“Once we started, it all cemented together into an instant musical bond,” Lherisson said.

Aside from a musical bond, the band is also clear in its message and how to get it across. Songs like “Firefly,” “Bringing Me Down” and “Fight Another Day” are out rising above adversity, overcoming challenges and finding your self-confidence.

“This song acknowledges that it’s easy to lose hope at times, but you have to continue moving forward,” Slate said about “Fight Another Day.”

These tracks can be found on their debut EP, “Permutations,” released in July 2013. They worked with award-winning producer John Alec, which McLeod called “a great learning process” for the band as songwriters.

“It brought us to the next level by having him give us a different point of view on our music,” he said.

As much as they enjoyed recording in the studio, More Than Fate said there is nothing better than playing in front of an audience.

“We enjoy hitting the studio, but there is no better feeling then playing the music live,” Casados said. “We are passionately dedicated to live performances because of the energy and enthusiasm of our fans.”

Part of the More Than Fate’s foundation was its home neighborhood of Astoria, which acted as a hub and home for the group as it found its footing.

The band just played a show at Blackthorn 51 in Elmhurst earlier this month. For the future, More Than Fate is looking to write new material, play some more concerts and keep an eye open for new opportunities.

“2013 was a great year for us and we are confident that 2014 will be even better,” McLeod said.

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