Musicians Of Queens: Milli Popoff


Music has been a part of rapper Milli Popoff’s life from a very young age.

When he was 8 or 9, he discovered his older brother’s rhyme book and soon wound up putting rhymes together himself.

“I always had an ear for music. Music’s my passion. I guess you could even call it my first love,” he said. “I have garbage bags to shoeboxes full of rhymes now.”

The artist, whose real name is Alistair Johnson, has been involved in the music industry for years, such as with a group he formed called The Rugrats.

The members would write and record at Popoff’s place and then perform for the whole block, both younger and older generations.

“We were even supposed to battle Kriss Kross but that never went through because their buzz was already too big from their hit songs “Jump-Jump” and “I Missed The Bus” and they knew we would hurt their career,” he said.

While Popoff started in Flatbush, Brooklyn and then moved to the Bronx, he now lives in Far Rockaway, after having lived in Rochdale and Queens Village. Popoff added that he will be collaborating with Councilman Donovan Richards on a show on Beach 19th Street called “Far Rocks Got Talent,” which will focus on the area’s culture instead of crime.

“I’m from some of the hardest parts on New York City so my style is versatile, but basically real and authentic, like me. A mixture of all my different boroughs and environments,” he said.

The two latest mixtapes from Popoff, “Foodch@in Murder” and “Str@8 To The Point,” gave him a fantastic feeling as they are sold in some of the biggest shopping centers in the City, such as Jamaica Avenue and Fordham in the Bronx. He said the mixtapes are also available in other states and a few other countries.

Besides his music, Popoff is also a clothes designer with a line of products he is constantly adding to. He is involved with music label called Paper $ociety Inc.

“I feel no one should put all their eggs in one basket, but focus on that one main goal and craft that one to perfection,” Popoff said. “There’s a lot on my plate, but that’s just to make sure my meal’s good.”

With all of his projects on the table, Popoff still gets a rush from performing his songs in a live setting.

“It’s the feeling of accomplishment of knowing I’m satisfying hundreds to thousands in an audience and the amazed look on everybody’s faces as they feel the music and bop their heads,” he said.