And The Winner Is…

Even during their trying times, Queens Borough President Melinda Katz stood by her baseball team’s side.

According to reports, in the week before the Subway Series, Katz and Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz made a sweet bet as to which New York team would win more games during the four-game set.

If the Yankees would have won, Diaz would be treated to some Italian heroes from Mama’s of Corona/ Leo’s Latticini and pastries from Astoria’s Omonia Café.

If the Mets were able to pull off a victory, like they did last year, Katz would get to enjoy some tasty empanadas from Babalu on East Tremont Road and fresh cannolis from Egidio Pastry Shop in Belmont.

Bragging rights this year were split, though, with the Yankees and the Mets both winning two games of the split set. The result meant that both BP’s were required to honor the results and send some treats to the other side. Looks like both Katz and Diaz walked away with a winner!