An Animal Hero In Queens

To The Editor:

Unfortunately, this year my dog’s health has begun to deteriorate. And while I’ve visited a number of pet clinics in search of treatment, my experience with Dr. Ayman Hanna at Animal Empire Veterinary Clinic, located on Grand Avenue in Maspeth, has been unmatched.

I am writing this letter to thank Dr. Hanna, also my neighbor, for always going above and beyond to ensure that my dog, Nicky, gets the best care. His compassion and love for animals is evident, as he always makes sure to make Nicky comfortable – even if it means getting on his hands and knees to accommodate my disabled pup.

Rather than simply diagnosing my dog, Dr. Hanna has made it his goal to make sure that I understand my treatment options and her disease. He has even done his own research on my behalf, delivering his findings to my front door. This is the type of commitment to animals that truly separates a great veterinary clinic from an extraordinary one.

Though dealing with Nicky’s illness has been difficult, as a Maspeth resident, I am so grateful to have access to such an amazing place right in my backyard, and even more grateful to call Dr. Hanna Nicky’s very own superhero.

Jolanta Kozikowska,