An ‘Amazing’ Coincidence?

Spider-ManIt turns out that there is a Parker family living at 20 Ingram Street both in the comicsand real life.

In the well-known comic book series, Peter Parker, or Spider Man in his super hero persona, lives on the Forest Hills street with his Aunt May. In what is a prime example of life imitating art, it turns out that a Parker family lives at the exact same address.

Many of the Spider-Man movies have been filmed in Forest Hills, with several  shots of the central Queens neighborhood.

We at QConf always get giddy when we recognize an area in Queens while watching the movies.

To the real life Parker family that lives on Ingram Street: Maybe you should let a spider bite you and see what happens. You could be climbing walls and shooting spider-webs out of your hands like Queens’ friendly-neighborhood superhero.