Addabbo Meets With ASPCA Rep

State Sen. Joseph Addabbo with Michelle Villagomez.

State Sen. Joseph Addabbo with Michelle Villagomez.

Michelle Villagomez, a Forest Hills resident and ASPCA representative, met with State Senator, Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr., in Albany to advocate for legislation in an effort to stop animal cruelty. In addition to supporting Villagomez and the ASPCA, Senator Addabbo is an avid supporter and co-sponsor of several bills related to ending abuse against animals.

“Too often in New York, we hear of those who take advantage and overexert their power onto animals, who tend to be helpless in these situations. It is not right for any living creature to be subject to such abuse,” Addabbo said. “If I can do my part legislatively, and the ASPCA can continue its mission wholeheartedly, then I hope we can make positive changes and further the fight in ending animal cruelty.”

The senator co-sponsors more than 10 bills related to this cause, including one which expands the definition of aggravated cruelty to animals to include harm during the commission of a felony as well as another prohibiting a person convicted of “Buster’s Law” from keeping a pet unless authorized by court order, after appropriate psychiatric or psychological testing.

Addabbo is also the prime sponsor of legislation requiring the installation and testing of fire equipment and sprinkler systems at pet stores and another related to pet dealers selling birds before they have been fully weaned.

“Animal abuse goes far beyond physical contact,” the Senator said. “In government and in our communities we have to work in several different aspects of keeping these creatures safe – in the homes they stay, in how and when they are sold and so forth.”