Actors of Queens: Gerald Cordero


Acting has been a longtime passion for Gerald Cordero. Along with bodybuilding and martial arts, the Astoria actor has honed his skills since the mid-1990s, building up an impressive body of work along the way.

Cordero first pursued his acting career in the late 1990s, with bit parts in films like “The Siege” and television programs like “Law & Order.” Now, he has moved up to starring roles in two upcoming television shows and a movie, all scheduled for release next year.

Originally from San Jose, Cordero’s skills in bodybuilding and martial arts have helped in his acting careers, especially for any action scenes he takes part in.

“Bodybuilding helped me stay healthy and build a nice physique. It also became the foundation for character roles that required a certain look and at times called to be physically demanding,” he said. “My martial arts training enabled me to perform all of my own fight scenes. I take pride and enjoy performing my own stunts and not requiring a stunt double.”

Although Cordero has acted in both television and film during his 16-year career, he said that there is not a big difference between the two mediums for him.

“I don’t see a difference as an actor between TV and film production, because I focus more on the craft than the logistics behind the production,” Cordero said.

While Cordero said he has loved so many of the productions he has been involved with, including short films, web series and music videos, he said that the latest film he worked on, “Memoirs from the Streets of New York” is one of his favorites.

“I actually worked with the director, Joe Gawalis, previously on a TV series pilot, ‘Precipice,’ which is currently being entertained by a few networks. Having won Best Action Actor on a short film for ‘Nostrae Realitate’ gave me an opportunity to work with Joe Gawalis very closely,” Cordero said. “Joe had mentioned ‘Memoirs’ to me and a character that he thought I might like. We had a meeting, I auditioned for the role and nailed it.”

The film takes the audience through one week in New York City, from the perspectives of multiple protagonists who are brought together by an incident that will drastically change their futures. Cordero plays Sammy Prato, a mixed martial artist whose future rests with a knockout punch.

Besides “Memoirs,” Cordero has a couple of TV series for 2015. He is appearing in “Organized Crimes,” a show that revolves around different crime families in Philadelphia. He plays Frank Capone, a no-nonsense hard-hitting mobster looking for revenge.

The second series is “South Side,” based on true events surrounding one of the biggest drug lords in South Jamaica, Queens, in the 1980s. Cordero plays Detective Jerry Rothman, who earned the nickname Big Bird for his unorthodox methods to get information and capture criminals.

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