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The Queens Tribune is the paper of record for the diverse borough of 2.5 million people. Founded in 1970 by Gary Ackerman, the award-winning weekly publication was purchased in 2018 by Ocean Gold Media, LLC.

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Ocean Gold Team:

William Ruggiero, Chairman

Andrew Holt, President/CEO

Michael Tobman, Counsel

Jasmin Freeman, Executive Vice President

Michael Gareth Johnson, Executive News Director

Guillaume Federighi, Executive Creative Director

Imtaz Rahimbux, Accounting



Gerson Borrero, Thomas Moody, Dylan Forsberg, Sasha Maslov


Queens Tribune Staff:

Ria MacPherson, Comptroller

Jon Cronin, Editor

Ariel Hernandez, Reporter

Marjorie Lipsky, Copy Editor

Lianne Procanyn, Designer

Pauline Shin, Designer

Maureen Coppola, Sales Manager

Debbie DiPoto-Flynn, Sales Associate

Fran Gordon, Sales Associate

Nadia Hack, Sales Associate

Donna Lawlor, Sales Associate

Lorraine Shaw, Sales Associate

Shari Strongin, Sales Associate

Caitlin Durney, Sales Administrator


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