A Tragic Holiday

While many of us celebrate the holidays with friends and family this week, there are some who will spend this week mourning the loss of a young life, struck down well before his time.

We send our thoughts and prayers to the family of Noshat Nahian, the eight-year-old student killed in a traffic accident late last week, and we wish that they were not going through the anguish they must be experiencing just one week after the accident.

This week, our elected officials in Western Queens reacted to the incident, calling for legislation to enact tougher consequences to those who operate a motor vehicle without a license. Their hearts were surely in the right place, but instead of creating reactionary legislation, we should focus our attention on some of the more dangerous intersections in the City to ensure that children are not putting themselves at risk of a driver – whether they have a license or not.

More strict consequences for these illegal actions do not always work as the deterrent that we hope for. Instead, we should focus on creating safe pedestrian passageways for adults and children, to keep those traveling by foot safe.