A Time To Reflect, Move Forward

Twelve years ago this week, we suffered a horrific tragedy that continues to haunt us and significantly altered the course of world events.

On Wednesday, the City reflected upon the events of Sept. 11, 2001, leading the nation in moments of silence and reflection in remembrance of those who lost their lives when the World Trade Center was attacked and the many brave men and women who make up our emergency services who fell while trying to save lives.

Those of us who lived through those difficult days will likely never forget the images we experienced, the airplanes plunging into the Twin Towers that punctuated the cityscape for so many years. Nor should we forget the world that day left in its wake: the fear of another attack, a seemingly endless war on several fronts and an increasingly polarized political landscape.

The most important thing to remember about those days, however, was how we all stood together. We grieved our loved ones shoulder to shoulder and hand in hand, consoling one another as we attempted to cope with what seemed to be a senseless act of violence.

That kind of unity should never be left for only the most tragic of circumstances; as the world continues to grow more complicated, it should be our default position. Together, through difficult conversations and a desire for understanding, we can manage to pull through anything, just as we did in the days that followed 9/11.

Yes, it was one of the most appalling incidents this country has ever experienced, though it wasn’t the first and likely will not be the last. But together, we make it through, we survive and we thrive.
United we stand.