A Take On Christie’s Bridgegate

To The Editor:

Well, there it is, plain as day. The difference between a president like Obama who tries to work with Republicans while they spit in his face. And a Republican presidential wannabe who punishes the people that don’t vote for him. Hey Chris Christie, see that puff of smoke in the distance? It’s your dreams of the White House going up in smoke! What a disgrace! First responders delayed for hours while trying to get to fires and medical emergencies (Florence Genova died after it took the responding ambulance twice as long to get to her home). Citizens trying to get to work or home. Families unable to get their kids to school on time (for days) and parents getting to work late as a result. All for political retribution! And Christie claims he is innocent.

One of two things is true. Either Christie is lying and he should be brought up on charges or he is telling the truth, and is an inept “leader” that has no clue what his staff is up to. “Man of the people, straight shooter?” More like criminal or clueless. Take your pick. Christie goes on to say that he’s not a bully. Really? Christie took over as governor in 2010. The prior governor was Richard Codey. An $800,000 program to help women with mental problems (Codey’s wife helped launch the initiative) was removed from the state’s $30 billion budget. After the program was restored by a Senate committee, Christie took it out with a veto! Later Christie removed the state trooper assigned to Codey, fired Codey’s former chief of staff from a state job in Trenton and Codey’s cousin lost his job at the Port Authority. All on the same day. Coincidence? Or the acts of a vindictive, spiteful bully?

Of course, FOX News and Republicans commending him for the way he handled himself during his press conference.

Christie even joked that he was one of the workers who put out the traffic cones. Pathetic.

Robert LaRosa,