A Simple Pizza Slice Of Heaven

22 Restaurant

Pizza Club
25-71 Francis Lewis Blvd., Flushing
(718) 281-0444
Hours: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., seven days a week
Cuisine: Pizzeria
Credit Cards: Yes
Delivery: Yes
Take-out: Yes
Catering: Yes

Sometimes, the best food and the best deals can be found in the simplest places. This is the case for Pizza Club, a Flushing pizzeria that offers delicious, filling food for a great price.

The cozy establishment is perfect for either grabbing a slice on the go or sitting down for a quick lunch. It has the look of a traditional pizzeria, with a brick-oven in the back and several courses on display at the counter, but the food is far above ordinary.

The specialty slices stand head and shoulders above the usual suspects. How about trying a white Ricotta cheese pie? Maybe pizza alla vodka (pizza made with vodka sauce) is more to your liking? These options and more are available.

I knew I could not limit myself to just one type of slice. I ordered a buffalo chicken slice, a cheese ravioli slice and a regular slice, along with an order of garlic knots, to get a nice overview of their wares. When the food was ready, I was not disappointed.

It turns out that ravioli, with its cheesy interior, makes for a fantastic pizza topping. The ravioli was an excellent extra layer that felt like a nice surprise after each bite. The buffalo chicken was somehow even better than the ravioli. The slice felt weighed down from the amount of chicken, making this mouthwatering slice a meal in itself. The regular slice and the garlic knots did not disappoint either, proving that old favorites could still impress.

Besides the excellent food, Pizza Club has some amazing deals as well. If you want to order pizza and it happens to be a Monday, then Pizza Club should be the first phone call you make. If you call between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. and order a large cheese pizza pie, the price you pay matches the time when you ordered!

So if you are ever walking down Francis Lewis Boulevard and you are in the mood for great pizza, head to Pizza Club. No matter what slice or toppings you choose, you will leave feeling satisfyingly full.