A Good Deal For The City, And The Teachers

To The Editor:

The new contract between the City and the UFT is a monumental achievement for all New Yorkers because it is a milestone of reconciliation between management and labor. People can argue the merits of its details, but what is indisputable is that the Bloomberg era of deliberate, almost sadistic impasse and union-busting has been rebuffed and replaced by a far more productive relationship built on common sense, enlightened analysis and mutual responsibility. The de Blasio administration, still in its infancy, rolled up its sleeves and together with a sound and honorable union got the job done in the public interest.

Where there is good-will, all things are possible.

Ron Issac,
Fresh Meadows

One thought on “A Good Deal For The City, And The Teachers

  1. Joan d'Arce

    Dear Ron:

    You must be joking. This contract is an INSULT to all of us. Nowhere in the proposed contract is anything mentioned about reducing class size to manageable levels, so that teachers can teach effectively, and students can learn.
    Further, have you examined the details about creating PROSE schools, the creation of three other levels of teachers, and throwing ATR teachers under the bus? In my opinion, our union is basically contributing to the demise of NYC public schools, and following the lead of corporate reformers. How is this contract good for us, or the students?
    Read the contract again, use your critical thinking skills, and then decide if it’s the milestone that you think it is for all New Yorkers. I respectfully disagree, and intend to vote “NO” to this proposed contract. We’ve waited this long, we can wait a little longer until a more equitable contract for teachers and students is forged, between our
    “sound and honorable” union and the deBlasio administration.

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