A Closer Look At 5Pointz’s Replacement


HTO Architect revealed renderings for the
development that will replace 5Pointz.

Staff Writer

From colorful graffiti icon, to whitewashed cube, to twin angular towers, the spot where 5Pointz once sat has shifted identity rapidly.

5pointzLast week, HTO Architect released renderings for the development that will be built on what was once the 5Pointz site. Construction permits were filed with the Dept. of Buildings in late July.

The renderings depict two beige towers of 48 and 41 stories, each capped with glass penthouses.

An aerial site plan depicts more greenery than is visible in the renderings, along Davis Street and to the south of the towers. The site plan also shows exterior art walls hugging this green space, as well as an interior art wall and interior art windows and artist studios.

5pointz2“It’s a beautiful design,” said owner Jerry Wolkoff. “It’s nicer than any of the buildings going up.”

The City Council approved the development in October 2013, after developers promised to allocate designated art space and 210 affordable housing units.

Wolkoff said that he is aiming for 20 percent of the development to be set aside for affordable housing, and for that housing to be spread throughout the building.

The former 5Pointz building is slated for demolition imminently. Wolkoff said that the development will be completed in 2016.

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