A Bride’s Guide To This Year’s Wedding Season

21 Wedding Planning

April may be known for its showers, but more so, it is known as the start of the wedding season.

There is so much to do when it comes to wedding planning – the outfits, a venue, the DJ, the limo, flowers and decorations, the menu and the guest list. Above all, many brides go through the process of trying to keep both sides of the family happy.

If you take a proactive approach, the stress level stays low and the couple can happily walk down the aisle to celebrate a lifetime of love and happiness.

Where do most couples start their journey before tying the knot?

Finding an accommodating venue with an elegant décor is a good place to start.

That is when Claudia Hubbard, manager and owner at Douglaston Manor of Douglaston, and Daniella Silone, sales manager at Vivaldi’s of Bayside, lend a helping hand.

Both Hubbard and Silone said their job is to keep the bride happy during the entire wedding planning process.

The key to staying happy is to understand that you cannot please everyone, Hubbard said.

The first step to wedding planning is the perfect venue, which should be booked a year in advance, she added.

Hubbard said if a couple is on a tight budget, they advise them to choose a wedding date outside of prime wedding time, citing the months of January through March.

Douglaston Manor also offers the ability to pay for the venue in monthly installments, Hubbard added.

While choosing a venue that fits a couple’s needs, Hubbard said they must keep the views it provides in mind.

She said Douglaston Manor offers a completely renovated European mansion overlooking a lush, green golf course.

“We are not a typical catering venue,” she said. “We also have an inside chapel for inclement weather.”
Silone said when brides come to Vivaldi’s, their stress levels remain low because they help the bride step-by-step towards her big day.

“We hold their hand during the entire process and offer customized packages to meet every couple’s needs,” Silone said.

After picking the right venue, the most delicious part of wedding planning arrives.

Hubbard said they sit down with the bride and groom to carefully pick the items on their menu.

“We can customize their menu and have it fit their budget,” she said.

The wedding is more than just a venue and the food, Silone said.

It is also about how the bride looks and feels the day of, she added.

Silone said because of websites like and, she sees brides come to the venue with their own visions.

“You want to make these visions come true for the brides,” Silone said.

From the flowers, to the decoration pieces and to the gift bags, Silone said brides know what they want beforehand.

Vivaldi’s Ristorante & Ballroom is located at 201-10 Cross Island Parkway Service Road, Bayside. For information on their wedding services, call (718) 352-2300.

Douglaston Manor, at 63-20 Commonwealth Blvd., Douglaston, can be reached at (718) 224-8787.

-Trisha Sakhuja