A Bad Example

Considering the push New York State has given to opposing texting while driving, we would hope that our elected officials would be mindful of the fact and not promote the illegal act.

ulrichtweetAnd yes, that includes tweeting, although one City Councilman apparently did not see it that way.

Late last month, Councilman Eric Ulrich (R-Ozone Park) set a not-so-good example by taking pictures and tweeting…behind the wheel, as seen in the screen cap of the tweet above.

No doubt, Ulrich was taken by inspiration when he saw his young daughter’s name on the license plate in front of him, but that does not necessarily excuse the act.

There is no doubt that Ulrich is guilty of the crime after openly admitting he spotted his daughter’s name on a license plate “while driving on Crossbay Blvd.” One can even spot the green traffic lights, further proving the Councilman was, in fact, moving at the time of the photo.

We advise that the Councilman be a little bit more careful while behind the wheel in the future. After all, using your cell phone while driving is five points on your license and a $100 fine.

Ulrich should be setting a better example for his constituents.