7 Train Simply The Best

You could have it much worse, 7 train riders.

In a rating released last week by riders advocacy group the Straphangers Campaign, the 7 train was voted the best line in the City.

According to published reports, the 7 train scored high in service frequency, seat availability, cleanliness and delays.

The line did receive demerits in the categories of announcement adequacy and service regularity.

7 train riders could have already told us that.

Commuters have taken to Twitter throughout the summer to express their frustration with long commutes and missed stops. Since the news of the ranking broke, some residents Tweeted their surprise.

“really? mta 7train being the best service train?” asked user @shawnchoi.

Besides the pleasantly surprising news about our train, what we here at QConf enjoyed most about this year’s Straphangers ranking was the following fact: this was not only the seventh time the 7 train has won, but also the second time the 2 train has come out on bottom.