5Pointz Twitter War

The white-washed former graffiti mecca continues to be a point of contention for some, as a Twitter confrontation broke out between the artists and a candy company.

jolly-rancher-5pointz-tweetLast week, Jolly Rancher, the popular hard candy owned by the Hershey Company, tweeted out a bizarre photo of its candy superimposed over the now white-washed 5Pointz building, with the caption “5 Pointz Untamed” written with it.

The pic (as seen above) appeared to be a tribute to the graffiti mural, but people associated with it were none too pleased.

In response to the tweet, the 5Pointz Twitter account, @5pointzNYC, expressed confusion and dismay over the picture, saying it was trying to copy a similar tribute Absolut, the well-known vodka company, did late last year.

“Such a disgrace two months after it happened trying to copy a cool absolut tribute wooooaaaaaw so bad ..” read one tweet by 5Pointz.

A public relations representative from Hershey responded, saying it meant no disrespect to 5Pointz. The company eventually deleted the tweet.

“We apologize for our tweet re: @5PointzNYC. We meant no disrespect to the area or artists. The tweet has been deleted,” it read on Jolly Rancher’s Twitter page.

Here at QConf, we don’t see much of a point to the argument, and we certainly don’t understand why the 5Pointz artists are so upset. Much ado about nothing, to be honest.