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  1. Jason Artiga

    Jackie Strawbridge

    My name is Jason Artiga , and I am a local artist who was part of Local Project during the community board hearing. I hosted the ” Long Island City Horror FIlm Festival” Back in October 27th in 2012 at 5pointz, I was quoted by numerous papers including DNA Infor at the community board 2 meeting , and directly asked David Workoff if he would meet with us at the hearing , the article can be read here. David never responded , nor ever made any attempt to contact with me or Local Project founder Carolina Penafiel , Local Project received any help from GM realities, Like Space Womb did for our relocation at 11-27 44th rd . which I reside now. This article proves that Mr Workoff is a liar, and again has never made any attempts to meet with us after I had asked him in the community board 2 hearing back in July 6th 2013.

    please contact me if you want to hear our side of this story , My contact info is

  2. Jason Artiga

    * we never received help from Workoff during our move at 11-27 44th rd, and had to do a kickstarter fund so we did not disappear like all other art galleries whom served the community.

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