5Pointz Demo May Come This Month

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Long Island City’s once iconic, now whitewashed, graffiti mecca 5Pointz is approaching its date with the wrecking ball.

According to David Wolkoff of G&M Realty, whose family owns the property, demolition of 5Pointz is slated to begin in the next three or four weeks. The building could be completely leveled as early as October.

As of press time, no demolition permits have yet been filed.

The development that will replace the 5Pointz building – which will not be completed until 2016 – involves two residential towers of 48 and 41 stories.

Wolkoff said that the development will have art programmed on its interior and exterior, although not to the extent that 5Pointz did.

According to Wolkoff, an interior 60-foot wall will be set aside for graffiti, as well as exterior walls that could reach 60 feet.

The Wolkoffs will showcase street art and “any other art that we deem beautiful.”

“We’re the people who allowed [5Pointz] to happen, and allowed the way it was programmed. And so it’s going to be the same thing,” Wolkoff said.

He added that, just as at 5Pointz, owners will not allow pornographic material or religiously or politically incendiary art.

Marie Flageul, who helped run 5Pointz as a volunteer, said she is not disturbed by the demolition of the building at this point, ever since the Wolkoffs quietly whitewashed the facade last November.

“To us, we really don’t care, the building is ugly and dead,” Flageul said.

Considering the future of the property, Flageul suggested that the Wolkoffs could interact responsibly with local artists at the new development by donating space to arts organizations, such as Long Island City non-profit Local Project.

Or, even more broadly, she said, “I think it would be great for them to show how much they value the arts by actually paying for supplies and commissioning the artists.”

Wolkoff did not rule out the possibility of commissioning paid works in the future.

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2 thoughts on “5Pointz Demo May Come This Month

  1. Jason Artiga

    Jackie Strawbridge

    My name is Jason Artiga , and I am a local artist who was part of Local Project during the community board hearing. I hosted the ” Long Island City Horror FIlm Festival” Back in October 27th in 2012 at 5pointz, I was quoted by numerous papers including DNA Infor at the community board 2 meeting , and directly asked David Workoff if he would meet with us at the hearing , the article can be read here. David never responded , nor ever made any attempt to contact with me or Local Project founder Carolina Penafiel , Local Project received any help from GM realities, Like Space Womb did for our relocation at 11-27 44th rd . which I reside now. This article proves that Mr Workoff is a liar, and again has never made any attempts to meet with us after I had asked him in the community board 2 hearing back in July 6th 2013.

    please contact me if you want to hear our side of this story , My contact info is

  2. Jason Artiga

    * we never received help from Workoff during our move at 11-27 44th rd, and had to do a kickstarter fund so we did not disappear like all other art galleries whom served the community.

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