50’s Pitch A Bit Outside

50centWe think it is safe to say that left-handed pitcher Curtis Jackson will not be getting a Major League Baseball contract in this lifetime.

Jackson, better known as 50 Cent, embarrassed himself earlier this week when he threw out the first pitch at Tuesday’s Mets-Pirates game.

In a pitch that has to be seen to believe, 50 Cent stood on the mound and threw the ball in a different stratosphere than where home plate is. The ball actually comes close to hitting a photographer standing a few strides away from the plate, snapping pictures of what turned out to be a disaster of a pitch.

50’s first pitch rivals that of Gary Dell’Abate, better known as “Baba Booey” on the Howard Stern Show, who hit an umpire when he tried to loft the ball over home plate.

While Dell’Abate’s pitch is probably a little worse, 50 Cent has placed himself in the pantheon of horrible first pitches. If you created a Mount Rushmore of bad first pitches, Jackson’s pitch would be on there for sure.

You might be able to find 50 Cent “in da club,” but he won’t be apart of a ball club for sure.