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Astoria Resident Shines Light On Hospice Care

BY TRISHA SAKHUJA Staff Writer An Astoria resident’s one-woman show offers a passionate insider’s view of hospice care. Taren Sterry works as the manager of volunteer training for the not-for-profit Visiting Nurse Service of New York Hospice Care, the largest provider of hospice services in New York City, but she is also a writer, performer […]

Red Storm Look To Second Half

In early November, just days before the start of the season, Red Storm Head Coach Steve Lavin said “this is a team, by mid-January, early February, I expect to be clicking and hitting on all cylinders.” The offense arrived as an early holiday present for Lavin, with a 96-87 win over Youngstown State last Saturday. […]

A Poverty Of Spirit In America

To The Editor: Our leaders with their laws, regulations and executive orders mandating the “greater good” are dismantling the Constitution and nullifying the Bill of Rights. Successful wealthy persons are labeled greedy “one percenters,” “rich” is equated with evil and the term “individualist” has become synonymous with “sociopath” or selfish. An overzealous compassion has created […]

Mark-Viverito A Mistake

To The Editor: As a Vietnam Era Veteran who has been a resident of Queens for 36 years, and prior to that was born and raised in the Bronx, I can’t believe the NYC Council would choose Melissa Mark-Viverito as Council Speaker. A woman that refuses to pledge her allegiance to the country where so […]

Bloomberg’s Mixed Legacy

To The Editor: In re: Bloomberg’s Legacy - Queens Tribune Dec. 19-25, 2013, while there may be some aspects of Bloomberg’s tenure as Mayor that may leave a laudable legacy, his partnership with 21 term-limited City Council members to overturn twice public-supported term limits, will not be among them. Nor will his abysmal record in […]

Disappointment In Ulrich

To The Editor: I am extremely disappointed with Councilman Eric Ulrich’s support of Melissa Mark-Viverito as she runs for Council Speaker. The fact that he will support such an individual whom has displayed contempt for our national symbol and refused to pledge allegiance to our flag until she decided to run for Speaker is nothing […]

A Tragic Holiday

While many of us celebrate the holidays with friends and family this week, there are some who will spend this week mourning the loss of a young life, struck down well before his time. We send our thoughts and prayers to the family of Noshat Nahian, the eight-year-old student killed in a traffic accident late […]

Dr. James Muyskens Transformed Queens College

Dr. James Muyskens Transformed Queens College

BY JOE MARVILLI Staff Writer Queens College has seen a renaissance over the last dozen years, with new programs, new buildings, new technology and a new attitude. At the center of these massive changes has been Dr. James Muyskens, who took over as president of the school in July 2002. Facing many challenges to revitalize […]