2013 ELECTIONS: District 30

Crowley, Caruana Face Off In Debate

Incumbent Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley and her Republican opponent Craig Caruana fiercely debated issues concerning the 30th Council District at a debate Monday night in Middle Village.

(L-R) Craig Caruana and Elizabeth Crowley

(L-R) Craig Caruana and Elizabeth Crowley

The two shared opposing viewpoints on many issues residents are concerned with, including the Knockdown Center and the proposed homeless shelter.

Regarding the controversial art and music space in Maspeth, Crowley supports the business, saying it will bring more jobs to that area. She added that although it is hard to say exactly how many jobs it would add to the area, a similar business in Brooklyn added about 1,500 jobs to that Borough.

“That’s why I support the plant as an arts engine, an economic engine for the arts that will bring jobs to our community,” she said.

Caruana opposes the center, saying they are trying to create a party hall in a residential area. He said many elected officials and civic groups, like the Queens Civic Congress, are against the center as well.

“We’re all for creating jobs in the community, but people are smart enough to know that this is not an issue about jobs, it’s about hipsters coming in from out of the area and creating a club that doesn’t represent our values,” Caruana said.

Regarding the homeless shelter, Crowley opposes the proposal as the building is contaminated and would be unsafe for residents to live in. Caruana opposes it as well, but did say he would like to see it become a senior home if it was revitalized.

Crowley also touted the new schools built in the district, including Maspeth High School, as an accomplishment during her time in office. Caruana said the new schools have nothing to do with her and were worked on before she took office.
Council District 30 represents Middle Village, Maspeth, Glendale, Ridgewood and a part of Woodhaven.

– Luis Gronda