2013 ELECTIONS: District 24

Three Seek To Replace Gennaro

As term-limited Councilman James Gennaro (D-Fresh Meadows) is on his way out of office, three candidates are gearing up to take his place.

(L-R) Mujib Rahman, Rory Lancman and Alex Blishteyn

(L-R) Mujib Rahman, Rory Lancman and Alex Blishteyn

Democrat Rory Lancman, Republican Alex Blishteyn and Family Values candidate Mujib Rahman are all vying for the City Council seat for District 24. While Lancman, a former Assemblyman, is seen as a heavy favorite, all three individuals have put their best foot forward for their campaigns.

Elected to the Assembly in 2006, Lancman played a role in the Freedom to Report Terrorism Act, which protects citizens who report suspicious behavior from lawsuits. Lancman also supported political reform, as seen by the Public Integrity Reform Act of 2011, which created a bi-partisan ethics commission and provided greater disclosure of potential conflicts of interest for public officials.

While Blishteyn, a litigator, would make sure that public schools are better funded, he would also work to create a voucher program that gives parents a choice where to send their children, rather than defaulting them to the local public school. He supports the City’s Stop and Frisk policy, but would cut down on its over-regulation of small businesses.

Rahman, a community leader, ran in the Democratic Primary against Lancman, earning 17 percent of the vote. Now, having switched parties, he is vying for the seat again. His vision of New York City’s future includes fighting MTA fare hikes, ending racial profiling, making education and healthcare available for all and working for immigration reform.

– Joe Marvilli