2013 ELECTIONS: District 23

Safety Key Between Weprin, Concannon

Over the summer, Reform candidate Joe Concannon decided to run against Councilman Mark Weprin (D-Oakland Gardens) due to their opposing views on Stop and Frisk.

(L-R) Mark Weprin and Joe Concannon

(L-R) Mark Weprin and Joe Concannon

Concannon entered the race soon after the Community Safety Act was passed by the City Council in August. Weprin voted for the act, saying it would prevent bias-based profiling from the police department. His opponent disagrees, saying the CSA would blindfold officers and protect criminals, which would lead to crime spiking.

Having taken office in 2010, Weprin is the chair of the Zoning and Franchises Committee. During his term, he authored the Workplace Religious Freedom Act, which strengthened the City’s Human Rights Law for religious practices in the workplace.

Weprin has also rallied against what he sees as unfair practices by the Dept. of Education. He protested the School Construction Authority’s proposal to build a school on the Keil Brothers property, found at 48th Avenue between 210th Street and 211th Street, saying the location would be dangerous for children. He is also rallied against the co-location of Martin Van Buren high school.

Concannon had a 25-year law enforcement career with the NYPD, including a role as deputy director of public safety in the Mayor’s Office under Rudy Giuliani’s administration. Public safety is his top priority and he would work to reverse the CSA if elected.

Quality of life is another key area. He wants to return to Queens’ boom years, the mid-1960s, by focusing on economic security and downgrading government interference in people’s daily lives. He would fight to decrease regulations, taxes and energy costs for small business owners, homeowners and families.

Recently, Concannon said he was a victim of fraud from the Campaign Finance Board for not adding his profile to its voter guide.

– Joe Marvilli